Another useful do-it-yourself door hinge device

Although the universal or one-piece door hinge is not intricate in design, it often serves as the basis for the manufacture of original and useful home-made devices and appliances.

Today we will try to transform the loop into a multi-purpose scraper to remove hardened glue smudges, thick greasy formations, dried paint stains, etc.

For the realization of our ideas, special qualifications, scarce materials and special tools are not needed.

Will need

In addition to the simplest steel universal loop, we must have the following materials:

  • metal rod;

  • plastic handle;

  • bolt and wing nut (two pairs);

  • interchangeable blades for a construction knife.

Of the tools, we will get by with the simplest and most common:

  • a grinder with a cutting disc;

  • a hammer;

  • a marker;

  • vice metalwork.

The process of turning a loop into a scraper

In our case, we will use the property of the wings of the integral loop tightly fit to each other when they are reduced. In this position, we mark the lines with a marker to cut off their angles.

Clamp the loop in a vise in the folded position and remove the angles of the wings from the markings. This will save us from injuries when working on homemade products and will further protect the operation of the scraper.

We weld or solder a rod to the central hinge of the frame wing of the loop, which will serve as the basis for the handle of our homemade product.

We attach a convenient plastic handle to the rod with light hammer blows.

We insert one screw into the extreme holes of the loops folded together and, on the other hand, screw the wing nuts on them.

Slightly loosening the wing nuts, insert a replaceable blade for the construction knife into the gap between the wings of the loop and tighten the threaded pairs again. Our homemade scraper is completely ready for the intended purpose.

Scraper practice

Using our scraper, you can quickly, without much effort and effectively remove drops and smudges of dried paint, thick oil formations, spilled hardened glue, etc. from any surfaces (desktop, workbench, floor, finished product, etc.)

Over time, the interchangeable blade may lose its sharpness and glide over the surface of the ingredients that we would like to remove. In this case, just loosen the wing nuts and replace the dull insert with a new one.