Computer chair shock absorber repair

Almost all people use computer chairs today. Equipped with such a miracle jobs in all offices, shops, supermarkets and even educational institutions. Many use them in everyday life. During operation, a computer chair, like any other thing, can break down. Basically, the seat elevator fails, after which it becomes impossible to sit. Under load, the seat drops to a minimum and is not adjustable in height. In this case, there are three options for solving this problem. The first option is to buy a new one, the second option is to replace the shock absorber, and the third option is to do the repair yourself.

Chair shock absorber repair

It is almost impossible to repair the shock absorber so that it can be adjusted in height. But you can fix it at the right height. To perform the work you will need a Phillips screwdriver, a hacksaw for metal, a plastic or metal pipe with a diameter of 25 mm., A small spring.

To start the repair, you need to disconnect the seat with backrest from the base. To do this, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. With it, you need to unscrew the 4 fixing bolts and remove the seat with the back to the side. Then you need to disconnect the shock absorber from the wheelbase of the chair. He keeps on one clip.

This clip is easily removed with the same Phillips screwdriver. After that, you can start repairing the shock absorber, or rather, fixing it at the required height.

To fix the chair at the desired height, a spacer must be made under the shock absorber. For this, you can use a metal or plastic pipe with a diameter of not more than 25 mm.

If the diameter of the pipe is larger, then the base of the shock absorber can slip into it. A hacksaw for metal, you need to saw off the necessary piece of pipe. Then put this pipe on the shock absorber rod so that it abuts against the base of the shock absorber.

To prevent the chair from being too rigid, a spring can be inserted between the pipe and the base of the shock absorber. After that, assemble all the parts into a single whole in the same order in which it was disassembled.