We cut plastic, wood, drywall with plain paper

Hello! Today I will show how to make a cutting disc for grinder (angle grinder) from plain A4 paper. With the help of which it will be possible to cut plastic, drywall, cheaply, so this master class will definitely come in handy on the farm. Thanks to the use of such a paper disk, the cut is very thin and even.

Paper Disc Making

We take a couple of sheets of plain white office paper.

We put the sheets on top of each other and align. Then we cut in half with scissors.

Next, you will need this compass, with which you can cut even circles out of paper.

He does not draw lines, but immediately cuts. Since instead of a pencil he has a blade.

In any case, you can take a regular pair of compasses, draw a circle and cut exactly with scissors.

Cut three circles of paper with a diameter of 125 mm.

Take glue, such as "Pencil" and glue all three discs together.

Someone will think: why it was impossible to glue paper at once, and then cut the disc? And here is why:

The paper becomes wavy.

And with disks this is not observed. After they dry, go to the next step - cut out the hole for the grinder in the center.

Cutting plastic, wood, drywall with a paper disc for angle grinders

Install and tighten the paper disk. Everything is like with a regular disk for angle grinder.

We start the grinder and cut it. For example, plastic:

PVC pipes:

The seam is even, the edges are smooth. You won’t do this with a hacksaw or other disc.

We cut drywall with paper. A little heavier, but still it turns out.

Now it's time for the wooden bar:

Sawed square.

Of course, such a paper disk is not durable, but it may come in handy. It can also be planted not only on a high-speed grinder, but also on an ordinary drill, a drill and even a screwdriver, holding it with a bolt and nut.

When working even with a paper disk, be sure to consider all safety measures when working with a power tool.