How to just sharpen a meat grinder

This method of sharpening the knives of a meat grinder is available to everyone. He will not require specialized tools or devices from you, because of this it will take a minimum of preparation and you can start to sharpen almost immediately. This is the simplest and most common technology, which is suitable for both electric and manual meat grinders.

What do you need?

  • A block for sharpening ordinary kitchen knives or a wooden block with a piece of sandpaper.

  • A little tap water.

    Do-it-yourself sharpening the meat grinder knives

    We start by disassembling the meat grinder. Unscrew the ring and take out the knives.

    On knives that have been in operation for a long time, risks, stalls, and chips are clearly visible.

    A round knife is called a mesh knife. The edges of the holes suffer from it: they break off, blunt and become rounded. Also, during very long operation, the knives can acquire a wave-like shape instead of a straight surface of the blade.

    So, we take a stone for sharpening, it should be flat. You can also use a grinding wheel.

    Soak a sponge in water and dampen the surface of the knife sharpener.

    We put the knife from the meat grinder with the blades on the bar and the reciprocating motion, with a little pressure, we start sharpening. Sharpening time depends on the degree of wear. If you do this regularly, then it takes about 2-3 minutes of continuous work on one knife.

    If you do not have a whetstone for sharpening available, you can do it yourself. You need to take a piece of a straight board or a straight wooden block and a piece of sandpaper. The finer the graininess of the paper, the better.

    Tuck the paper under the bar. For better fastening, you can fix it with a furniture stapler, but this is not necessary - when pressed, the paper holds well and does not slip.

    We wet the surface of the knife with water and grind the meat grinder knives in the same reciprocating motion.

    By the gloss and the disappearance of the patterns in the form of circles, you can determine the evenness of the surface and the level of sharpening.

    After sharpening, all surfaces shine like new. All risks are gone.

    After that, you can rinse the knives under running water to remove small particles of metal and wipe dry. Collect the meat grinder.

    Of course, using special grinders and tool-grinding tools, the quality of knife sharpening will be higher, I will not argue with that. I just showed you how to do it simply without unnecessary troubles in my kitchen.

    If you know the method easier - write in the comment, I think everyone will be very interested. Thanks for your attention!

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