What can be done from a motor from a microwave

A large number of spent microwave ovens can easily be found at any landfill. One of the valuable parts that can be removed from the microwave is the plate drive motor.

This is a 220 V synchronous motor with a gearbox inside the housing. On its basis, you can make a lot of homemade products and four ideas will be given below.

If you do not have this motor available, then it is easy to purchase it on Aliexpress for a small price.

220V Pocket Generator

From this engine, you can make a fully-fledged 220 V alternator. Using it, you can light an LED lamp, charge a cell phone, etc.

It is done in an elementary way: a lever is screwed to the crosspiece on which the plate lies in the microwave. In this case, it’s a clerical knife case. A handle for rotation is made of a bolt at the end of the lever.

We install a cross on the motor, rotate the handle. Great speed is not required. Any desired load is connected to the terminals.

Gravity generator

This generator is suitable for lighting for a short time.

Its essence is this: a rope is wound around the motor shaft from the microwave. At the end is tied a bottle of water, which serves as a load.

We release the bottle and it gradually drops down, the rope is unwound due to the fact that the shaft rotates.

The load is the LED lamp. The glow time of such a generator depends on the length of the rope. About 30 seconds.

Swivel stand

It is not possible to make a high-quality 3D photo shoot, a video of a circular overview of goods, cakes, things without a rotating stand. You can do it simply on the basis of an electric motor and two round stands of wood.

The motor is screwed into one.

And the other lies on top and rests on the engine shaft.

Everything rotates very smoothly, everything is as it should.

Grill drive

Automatic cooking of grilled chicken at the stake will be much easier with this drive, which can be made from a motor from a microwave.

No bearings required. Skewer has two supports on the sides, one of which is connected to an electric motor for rotation.