How to make tilapia tasty and easy

Fish in batter for good reason is often included in the holiday menu by skilled housewives. This dish after serving for an instant is eaten by the participants of the feast. Do not find a gourmet who would not like this treat. Do you want to surprise everyone with your unique culinary talent? Then make tilapia with this recipe.

A specific fishy flavor after cooking disappears. Ready-made tilapia somewhat resembles the most delicate crab meat. We suggest repeating two recipes for preparing this fish. Which option will you like more?

Cooking time - 15 minutes.

Essential Products

  • tilapia - 8 pcs.;

  • white (semi-sweet) wine - 50 ml;

  • egg - 2 pcs.;

  • wheat flour, corn - 1 tbsp. l .;

  • spicy aromatic mixture for fish dishes with crab flavor - to taste.

Cooking tilapia in batter

1. Tilapia slightly pour wine.

2. Cut the tilapia carcass into small pieces.

3. Prepare the batter, combining the eggs and the rate of wheat flour.

4. Stir, adding a spicy aromatic mixture for fish dishes with crab flavor.

5. Dip the fish pieces in the batter and immediately send them to the pan (first pour oil on the roasting pan and heat it).

6. The second option for making tilapia is also worth a try. Dip the fish pieces not in batter, but first in the egg mass, whipped with a fragrant spicy mixture. Next, roll well in cornmeal. We also lay out on the roasting pan.

7. We fry, having exposed moderate burning of a ring, until golden. After we shift the fish on a plate with a napkin. Soft paper should absorb fat. It remains to serve delicious tilapia and try it soon.

Culinary recommendations for cooking fish

  1. Wine can be replaced with lemon or lime juice.

  2. The fish is fried quickly, so do not ignore the pan.

  3. Do not make the batter too thick, otherwise the taste of the dish will turn out rough.

  4. If desired, the fish carcass can not be cut, and fry whole fillet of tilapia.