How to clean a clogged toilet without a plunger

This is a very simple and effective way to clean a clogged toilet. The method is almost non-contact and does not require the use of a plunger, brush or special cables and accessories.

Immediately I want to draw the attention of especially squeamish that in the photo the blockage in the toilet was created artificially and there are no traces of vital processes in the frame.

Imagine a situation that at least once in life happened to everyone: the toilet clogged. To eliminate stagnation, in most cases, all rhinestones are grabbed by a brush or plunger. This is a dirty and extremely unpleasant business. But I want to demonstrate a simple way, thanks to which you do not have to touch these objects and generally have minimal contact with a clogged toilet.

Will need to clean

Almost everyone has these things on the farm:

  • shampoo or liquid soap

  • basin or bucket,

  • warm water.

Eliminate clogged toilet

Add shampoo or liquid soap - 100 ml or more.

Now we pour warm water with a basin or bucket, but in no case hot, since the toilet bowl may crack. It is advisable to add the maximum possible amount.

Now we wait 10-15 minutes. And the water of stagnation should begin to leave a little. If this does not happen and the water is almost gone, then you should try a different cleaning method.

Add more warm water to completely wash away the residues and break through the blockage.

Everything is ready! The toilet is clean. Now the toilet can be used.

Remember, and better save this useful method. And if you know a simpler and more effective technique for dealing with blockages, I would be grateful if you share it in the comments. See you soon!