Simple tire swing

These are very simple swings that can be done in an hour. They are great for children, well regulated in height, do not contain expensive or scarce materials. Your children will be delighted with this design.

A swing is hung on a bough or a baby tree.

Making a swing

We take a car tire, without spikes. Better even if her tread is completely bald.

We take a drill and reduced, say, 10 mm. And at the same interval we make such holes. This will be the bottom of the swing, and these holes are needed so that the rain flows down the water.

Everything that you see in the frame from the materials I used can be easily bought at any building or fixing store.

I needed three of these sets:

The tire in my design will be suspended on three legs. Therefore, on the other hand, where there are no rain holes, drill 3 holes equally spaced from each other and insert such bolts with rings into the bottom. Tighten everything with a key.

We put S-shaped hooks on these rings.

And clamp them with special pliers.

We also do for the other two mounts.

Next, you need to make three pieces of chain, about 1.2 m long. And we put each on its own hook.


As a result, we also do it for all three.

Now we collect the ends of the chains in one hook.

Like this:

We bend and fix.

The part on the left is called the swivel, it is a swivel joint and is needed so that the chain does not twist.

Dress up the swivel.

Bend the hook.

Dress the threaded connector.

Then a carbine. It will be needed in the future so that you can remove or hang the swing at any time.

Now we measure the main chain, then everything envy from height to the branches of your tree. Cut the required length.

We hang a chain with a margin.

We make a ring around the branch and connect both ends of the chain by connecting with a thread - a screw carbine.

Now with the help of a carabiner, you can hang the swing.

The swing looks just wonderful! They will surely please your kids, and while they swing, you can relax a bit.

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