Grinder trimmer

Summer is coming and the grass has grown noticeably, until it is critical, but you should already think about how to cut it. I will show how to make a simple trimmer from a grinder to mow grass. More precisely, it will be a special device in which the grinder will be installed. After mowing, it can again be removed and used for its intended purpose. It makes little sense to buy a ready-made trimmer if you need it only 1-2 times per season.

How to make a trimmer from a Bulgarian do it yourself

The first thing to do is a bracket to grip the grinder body. To do this, take a steel plate and bend on both sides of the body. I took the plate already bent on one side initially. Now I can only bend the second edge.

I attach to the body of the angle grinder. Marker notice the bend.

Then I clamp it in a vice and bend it with the blows of a hammer. I saw off the excess with the same grinder.

The tool body has threaded holes on both sides. A handle is screwed into these holes to cut both on the left side and on the right, the handle is flipped. That's just for these holes and the trimmer bracket will be fixed.

Holes must be drilled on the sides of the staples so that they align with the holes on the sides of the tool. We notice the marker.

Drill clamped in a vise.

Next, in the bracket, you need to attach a guide along the length of the angle grinder body or shorter.

Weld by welding. We knock down the scale and brush it for metal.

Now the handle bar. It will be made of steel pipe. At the end of the pipe we make a bevel so that the handle is mounted at an angle. Mark the cut line with a marker.

We saw off a corner.

Weld by welding. We also knock off the scale with a hammer, and clean it with a brush for metal.

Now it's time to install the grinder itself in the seat. To do this, unscrew the protective circle.

To the trimmer does not touch the ground and was at a certain distance, wheels will be attached to it. They can be taken from an old and unnecessary pram or any other trolley. In an extreme case, do it yourself from wooden round beads.

I had wheels with brackets.

We insert the grinder into the seat.

We attach the wheel with the bracket and fix it all with a bolt. Tighten well with a key. We do the same procedure from the opposite side.

Ready trimmer for grass mowing is almost ready.

It remains to make a cutting chat. To do this, we take pieces of steel cable or a specialized nylon wire for trimmers. Pass the cross-on-cross through the clamping nut, through the key holes.

Screw the nut with the cutting cables onto the grinder.

We fix the wire with electrical tape.

You need to get a long extension cord and you can mow.

Mowing is quite tolerable.

Before finishing, I would like to say that the grinder is not intended for such work. And if you want to repeat this homemade product, then you take full responsibility and use everything at your own peril and risk.

When mowing grass, be very careful, rotating at high speeds steel cable is very dangerous. All installation or dismantling of the cutting part should only be done when the plug is pulled out of the socket.

And so the device is necessary and may well fit you to mow the lawn in front of the house.

Watch the video tutorial