Table with benches for the garden

This is an excellent monolithic table set with two benches. The design provides reliable support, thanks to which everything stands smoothly and very firmly. If desired, such a kit can be assembled in a few hours.

Layout and parts list

The structure is completely built of boards - 89x38. You will also need 80 screws in length and studs with nuts and under the M8, washers.

Dimensions in millimeters.

We take a board, not necessarily the same size as mine, and begin to saw. When using a circular saw in an hour, it is quite realistic to manage.

Two benches with supports

We begin assembly with benches. We collect a couple of them, and then fasten to the base of four boards.


Now assemble the table. His support is made in the form of a cross and this is one of the main difficulties. It will be necessary to make a drank in the board at half the thickness of the board. Then connect everything together, tightened with self-tapping screws.

Joining a table with a support

Now we connect the table to the base, where the benches are already standing.

Please note that the table does not rest on the ground. The whole structure has four supports - these are the legs of benches. Thanks to this, such a monolithic structure behaves perfectly on uneven or soft ground.

At the end of the assembly, everything needs to be painted or varnished so that the weather does not spoil the table.


This is a very simple and reliable union of a table with benches. For a large company, you can’t imagine a better place. There is enough room for everyone.

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