How to cut a hole in a tile grinder

To cut a hole in a ceramic tile of large diameter, a ballerina drill is very often used, even less often - a diamond crown and the like. I want to tell you how to get out of a situation where you have nothing like this at hand, except for the grinder naturally. A grinder or angle grinder is still more common than the tool listed earlier. This is a trick that you may find useful in life.

Cut a round hole in the tile grinder

First, first mark the cent of the circle that we will cut, and then the full radius of the circle. And all this needs to be done from two sides.

From the front side:

From the reverse:

Now we take the grinder and inside the circle we make cuts as close as possible to the edges of the circle.

So do on one plane of the whole circle.

Now rotate the tile 90 degrees.

And we make the grinder exactly the same cuts.

Pieces in the center begin to break - this is normal.

When you get to the end of the side of the circle, all the partitions will break and you will already have something like a circle.

Next, we grind the edges of the circle, passing through them gently with the disc of the grinder.

It turns out an almost flat circle, but with an angle in thickness.

Turn the tile on the inside.

We also grind the edges.

Then, in order to bring the circle back to normal, and remove the sharp formed angle, we chop it off with nippers. Carefully bite it off over the entire diameter.

For finishing we go through a file.

That's all. A little simple action and you get the perfect circle in the tile.

Throughout the work, do not forget about protective equipment - goggles and gloves. When working with angle grinders, be extremely careful and careful.

Undoubtedly, the method I proposed is noticeably more time-consuming, in comparison with the classical methods, but I just suggest you get out of a difficult situation.

Watch the video

For more information on applying dimensions, cutting and processing holes in a tile, see the video.