Narrow retractable shelf

This master class will be especially useful for those who live in small one-room apartments. I will show how to make a sliding rack in the gap between the wall and the refrigerator. It would seem that there is only a few centimeters wide, but you will be definitely surprised when you see how many objects can be stored in this gap.

Initially, the shelf-rack is not visible at all. In fact, after its manufacture nothing will change in your kitchen, besides the fact that a new and convenient space is formed for storing various jars, bottles and the like.

The rack extends in a simple motion. Now see how much is stored there.

The clearance distance is only 11.5 cm (the photo shows roulette in inches), and what a huge number of different items can be stored.


The necessary materials that I used for this project:

  • Back board for the back. I have a size of 61 cm in depth and 121 cm in height - in fact, this is the dimensions of the entire rack without thickness. The width of the entire rack is slightly less than the width of the gap.

  • Boards on shelves - 6 pieces.

  • Two boards on top and base.

  • Two boards on the sides of the shelf.

  • Two wheels to move the entire structure.

  • Round wooden slats.

  • Wood screws

  • Glue on wood.

  • The handle from the cabinet to extend the rack.

    I don’t see the point of indicating the exact dimensions of all the boards, since you will have everything in your own way. In which case it will not be difficult to calculate them yourself. But for this, first measure the width of your gap between the refrigerator and the wall, the depth of this gap. Decide on the desired height of the future shelf.

    All this can be done in about 15 minutes by drawing a sketch on paper with a pencil.

    Making a kitchen shelf

    The whole structure can be assembled on the same screws, but in addition I glued everything with wood glue.

    I laid out the shelves, estimated the number of necessary.

    Began assembling the box. He put the joints on the glue.

    Left to dry, pressed down than it was.

    The resulting glued box rack.

    Additionally fixed with screws. If you will use thin boards, drill a hole before screwing in the screw so that the board does not crack.

    As a result, I got to the shelves, placed and screwed it with screws.

    Since the rack is very narrow and when extended from it bottles and cans can fly off, you need to make a kind of side. In the beginning I thought to pull a fishing line or a rope, but in the end I settled on round rails.

    I drilled holes on the sides, cut the rail lengthwise, inserted and fixed everything with glue.

    At the end, measure the thickness so that there are no excesses. In my case, they should not be, as I can’t move the refrigerator a little further.

    We fasten the wheels at the base.

    Handle for easy extension.

    We check in real conditions.

    Everything walks well and does not hurt.

    We hammer with spices, products that are stored at room temperature, and so on.

    A very convenient thing, and most importantly incredibly useful - everything you need is always at hand.

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