Homemade Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked chicken wings are unlikely to be left indifferent. It's not about the product from the store, but about the homemade delicacy, the recipe of which is offered to the hostesses.

People began to smoke over the fire in ancient times. They began to cook meat, fish on fire, noting that the taste in the processing of the product with smoke is significantly improved and changed. However, progress has proven that even the finest product can be spoiled by adding preservatives, flavor enhancers, and other hazardous ingredients when smoked. We offer everyone who has a home smokehouse to cook smoked chicken wings without using liquid smoke. How to do this, read on and view photos that catch up on your appetite.

Grocery list

Smokehouse and wood chips must be required, and still need the ingredients:

  • 1.5 kg of chicken wings;

  • set of favorite spices;

  • 2-2.5 Art. l salt.

How to Make Hot Smoked Wings

It is better to buy fresh chicken wings that have not been frozen for smoking. Having brought the product from the store, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse it, dry it with napkins.

The hostess chooses a set of spices on her own. Some prefer peppers without other additives. According to this recipe, a mixture of various peppers, ground paprika, dill seeds is taken. Salt is added to them. The resulting spicy composition covers the wings, as shown in the photo. To make the meat better salted, it is mixed.

Semi-finished products will marinate in a dry way 3-4 hours. They will pick up the amount of salt and seasoning that is required.

Then you should wash the wings thoroughly under the tap, dry again.

It's time to go out into the courtyard, where the smokehouse is installed. You have to choose the right chips or sawdust. They should be taken from deciduous trees. In this case, beech chips are used for home smoking of chicken wings. At the bottom of the box, it is evenly distributed. The height of the layer is about 0.5-1 cm.

Be sure to have to install a pallet on the sawdust to collect the liquid, fat released during smoking. If there is no special utensil, it is allowed to adapt any unnecessary utensils. Old cast-iron pans that have served in the kitchen are suitable.

On special hooks the lattice is fixed. Wings are freely laid out on it. They should not touch each other, which is visible in the photo.

It remains to close the smokehouse with a lid, make a fire from below and wait until 1 hour has passed. The fire should not reach the bottom of the box. The cooking time of meat depends on the intensity of burning wood or smoldering coals. Sometimes it has to be increased to 1.5 hours. The reference point for readiness is the beautiful golden color of the smoked product.

The wings are recommended to withstand a few more minutes in the smokehouse with the lid open. However, most often they have to be removed right away, because the next batch has been prepared. Agree, a wonderful delicacy without smoke and preservatives is obtained if you act according to the recipe.

Hot smoked wings cooked at home in the smokehouse are much tastier than store wings. You can serve them with vegetables, herbs. Ideal for beer. And the housewives cook soups with smoked meats. Bon Appetit!