How to connect aluminum and copper wire

In old houses, wiring from aluminum wire is used. Often, when carrying out repairs in your apartment, it becomes necessary to lengthen the wires. If you use copper wires or alloys, then you just can’t connect them to aluminum - every electrician knows this rule, and not only that. I will show you a simple, affordable, and most importantly reliable way to connect copper and aluminum conductors together.

Will need

  • Bolt or screw with M4 thread, 16 mm long.

  • Three wide washers under the M4.

  • Grover M4.

  • Nut M4.

    The sizes may well be different, I just give a list of what I used.

    Connection of aluminum and copper conductors

    We clean the ends of the wires that we will connect. Take the pliers and make rings on the ends of the wires.

    Rings on both. They can be completely made with another tool or even manually.

    Next, put a washer on the screw. Its width should be greater than the ring of bare wire. Then we put on the ring of aluminum wire, so that with further tightening of the connection, this ring on the wire does not open.

    Then we put on another washer and after it a copper wire.

    And on top of this, put on the third washer, grover and fix it with a nut.

    Tighten with a tool.

    We isolate well with electrical tape.

    The insulation must be reliable, it is advisable to go through electrical tape in two to three layers. This is the connection in the junction box.

    This wire connection will be reliable. The grover will maintain pressure if the connection suddenly loosens. So you can safely close it with a lid, and hide it behind a layer of plaster.

    Of course, many other devices for connecting wires are sold on the market, but it seems to me that this method is the most reliable and durable.