How to quickly close balcony windows with tulle

Is your apartment's balcony glazed, facing south and suffering from the hot sun in summer? Is it impractical to install blinds or to glue a protective film? There are several practical and easy ways to resolve the issue.

A good barrier to diffuse excess UV creates a traditional tulle. In addition, cute curtains add charm and comfort to the room. The presence or fastening of the cornice is optional. We will tell you how to fix the protective material on the glass itself. It will take only unnecessary tulle, a handful of starch and a little time.

Step-by-step instructions on how to close balcony windows

  1. Wash the glass. Measure the internal size of the balcony frames.

  2. From the unnecessary tulle, cut out the rectangles corresponding to the size of the glasses. No allowances needed!

  3. Prepare a starch paste at the rate of 1 large spoonful of starch in 0.75 liters of water. To do this, gradually pour the starch into boiling water, continuously stirring. The specified number should be enough for 4 average sliding frames, although much depends on the nature of the canvas.

  4. Immerse pieces of tulle in adhesive until completely saturated.

  5. Distribute the moist, slightly wrung out material on the glass, starting from the center of the upper part. Press with palms, paying special attention to the edges.

  6. Make delicious tea and invite your friends to evaluate the result!

Why exactly this way to close windows?

The method is simple, practical, cheap and very effective. On such a balcony, you can successfully grow flowers without fear of leaf burns. Long and relaxed, you can do your favorite things without fear of witnesses in the person of passers-by and residents of neighboring houses.

The aesthetics of the room is 80% dependent on the pattern of the selected canvas. Adherents of minimalism and modern European interiors are advised to find material without a picture. Fans of Provence, country, shabby-chic styles will like curtains like a loin net, as well as with stitches and hem. Experimenters can "play" with a partial disguise from above or from below.

Adherents of this method paste over not only the balconies, but also the windows of the kitchen and even living rooms. From the side of the street, the glasses are washed as usual. Dust is removed from the inside with a damp cloth.

You can remove this protection at any time. Residues of starch are easily removed by water during normal window cleaning. Moreover, from starch the glasses gain an extra radiance!

We wish you successful experiments.