Folding wooden staircase

A folding aluminum staircase in a hardware store in my city is not cheap. Therefore, I decided to take this master class to make a staircase made of wood, which will be almost as good as purchased, and maybe even better. In any case, it is not as difficult as it may seem, and the money saved is worth it.


I needed spruce boards: four 18 × 150 mm for the frame and two 44 × 94 mm for the steps.

The staircase has an A-shape, 5 steps on each side.

Folding Ladder Making

We fit four boards to the same length.

The base consists of four boards: two on the one hand, two on the other. The distance to which the legs of the stairs will extend can be determined experimentally. After that, using the construction protractor, draw the corners and saw them off the boards from above and below. This is necessary so that the legs and the upper platform at the open staircase are parallel to the ground.

After the frame of the stairs is ready, it came down to the stairs. I cut them from a thick board.

The angle of attachment is the same as at the base. I fasten everything to self-tapping screws with pre-drilling holes for each so that the tree does not crack.

Previously, everything was marked under the steps on each board.

When both sides of the stairs are assembled, you need to connect them together. They are fastened on two loops.

So that during operation the legs at the stairs do not part, we make stops from the metal chain.

For a year everything will be ready, we test our stairs on a flat surface. If necessary, the product can be painted or varnished.

Such a thing will be indispensable in any home. Sizes can be absolutely any to your taste. Most importantly, the design is very stable and relatively light.

Also for longer operation, it will not be superfluous to beat the legs of the stairs with metal. This will save them from splitting and getting wet if something happens.

See you soon!

Watch the detailed video