How to make a hand chain saw

It is very convenient to use such saws during hiking trips - they take up very little space, and they saw perfectly. Buying a factory-made tool is not always possible, but there is an easy way to do it yourself.

What is required

The saw is made from a chain from a chainsaw, for the handles a piece of polymer sling is used with a length of 60–70 cm and a width of about 3-4 cm. Elements are fastened with M 6 bolts with washers and nuts. Plastic is glued with an iron through baking paper, the chain is disassembled using a small grinder and punch.

Manufacturing process

Put the chain on a level surface, find the connecting link. Using a cordless angle grinder or grinder, carefully cut off the head of the rivets connecting the chain links.

Put the chain on a vice and break through the axes of the connecting rivets, the chain will disconnect.

Prepare two pieces of polymer slings, each about 30 cm long. Fold them in half, the dimensions of the loops should ensure a comfortable position of the hand while working with the saw. Bend the ends 3-4 cm and fold together. In this way, a reinforced assembly for attaching the chain is prepared.

On a piece of board, put a piece of baking paper, on it one end of a folded sling, on top again paper. Heat the prepared place with an iron until the polymer melts and sticks together. Warm carefully, do not allow the plastic to completely melt - some types become fragile, the chain fixes when the saw is fixed, the tool will have to be repaired in the field. Using this technology, process all four ends of the pieces of tape.

Using a punch, make holes for the bolts. They should be located approximately in the middle of the prepared place at a distance of 2-3 cm from the end.

Attach a chain to the handles. First put a bolt with a washer in the hole, put an open chain link on it, then the other end of the handle and tighten the connection with the nut.

The hand chain saw is ready to use. Press the branch with your foot and try to cut it. If the chain is sharp, then the preparation of firewood of the required length will require a minimum of physical effort and time.


The range of motion is small, for manual work a chain length of 30–40 cm is sufficient, the handle can be made of a strong rope. Such a saw is more compact, takes up less space, and the cutting speed is the same. The factory chain length is enough for two devices.