Repair of plastic screw mounts

This is a very common occurrence when the threaded sleeve breaks in plastic products. This can happen both from the excess of the twisting force, frequent disassembly of the assembly, and from the aging of the material itself. After all, plastic or plastic products do not last forever and eventually lose their original properties. Restoring the screw mount is possible, and one of the ways I will show you now.

The following materials will be required

  • Thin steel wire.

  • Insulating tape.

  • Tube for insulation of wires.

  • Glue for plastic.

    I would like to clarify about the glue. I used the universal gorilla glue that is sold in America. You can use any other glue, which must be intended for gluing plastic parts.

    Restoration of the mounting sleeve

    Before describing, I want to say that I was repairing two bushes: one was destroyed almost entirely, the other was less than half. I say this so that there are no questions about the photo, as they may have more than one and the same sleeve.

    Getting to the repair. The first step is to choose a rod or tube that is close in diameter to the plastic sleeve. We wind the wire on the frame.

    Bite off the extra turns.

    We adjust the size of the spring to the length of the sleeve.

    Having bitten off excess, we check. The spring does not protrude, sits tight.

    Wrap with electrical tape over the spring. This must be done so that the glue does not pour out, which we will fill in the sleeve.

    At this stage, glue could be poured, but then it would have to be drilled under a screw. To avoid this, insert a cambric or insulation tube into the bore of the sleeve. The glue will not flow into it and the hole will remain intact.

    The tube is tedious to pick up a smaller diameter than the hole.

    Insert the tube all the way into the threaded hole.

    And now we are already pouring glue.

    The glue penetrated well into all cracks and cracks, this is clearly visible.

    Below there are small leaks, but there is nothing to worry about.

    Until the glue has hardened, we tear off the electrical tape around the spring. It is not necessary to do this at all, but if you also decide to do this, act until the glue has finally solidified.

    We cut the bulge from the clerical knife with a blade behind the face. This also needs to be done before the adhesive has completely cured.

    The restored sleeve looks like this:

    Her view is certainly terrible, but what difference does it make, it is located inside the case.

    Use the plastic mount only after the glue has completely dried.

    As everything dried up, I assembled the dashboard panel. Experience has shown that such a recovery experience is quite viable.