Visor for the house from plastic pipes

Hello! In this master class, I will show how to make a simple and easy canopy such as a canopy over the entrance to your house. Everyone knows the problem when during rain, water flows in a large stream from the roof, in addition to the rain itself. That's just to avoid this, to constantly have a dry threshold in front of the entrance, and I propose to build this simple visor above the door from plastic pipes.

It will be required for manufacturing

  • PVC pipes. But no one bothers to do this from polypropylene pipes.

  • Glue for PVC pipes, if you use polypropylene - a soldering iron for polypropylene.

  • Rectangle made of plexiglass, acrylic, plexiglass or polycarbonate. Any of the following will do.

    You will also need another common tool that can be found in any workshop, even the seediest master.

    Making a visor for the house

    Decide on the size of the desired visor, estimate the angle of inclination on the eye. Ideally, sketch on a piece of paper.

    Then choose the diameter of the pipes that will go into business.

    We begin the assembly. We cut pipes, prepare fittings.

    First we collect two corners:

    Then a third party for these silent triangles.

    We connect the third sides of the triangles with each other with longitudinal guides. This will be the roof to which the transparent sheet of acrylic will be attached.

    Connect, we have triangles. Also added a longitudinal guide to the bottom of the visor.

    In general, the more guides the better.

    We take acrylic glass.

    We fasten to the frame through rubber-like linings. They are certainly not necessary, but thanks to them, excess vibration is suppressed, the glass does not enter into resonance, and dripping drops on the glass are not heard at all.


    We fix the finished canopy above the entrance, above the door.

    It looks pretty aesthetically pleasing. The design is quite solid, everything you need to withstand.

    Such a canopy can be made not only above the door, but also above the window.

    Thanks for your attention!

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