Concrete bench for the garden

Concrete can be used not only for construction, but also for the arrangement of its territory. For example, you can do garden decor items, or quite practical things, such as benches. On which you can put a flower pot or just sit down yourself. This design is more durable compared to wooden benches, requires virtually no care or maintenance, is not afraid of high humidity and water.

Concrete Bench Making

The dimensions of the future shop were chosen as follows:

For the manufacture of formwork for pouring concrete, you need coated chipboard. The coating will protect the slab from getting wet.

We make a U-shaped frame according to the shape of the drawing.

We cut the frame with a hacksaw or jigsaw.

We fasten everything with screws.

We do not set the bottom of the bench yet, I will tell you later why.

In order for the bench to be resistant to temperature changes and not crack, it needs to be reinforced. To do this, wedge a piece of reinforcement in the middle of the structure. In our case, it will be a piece of metal mesh from the fence.

We prepare a grid for reinforcing the structure.

The chipboard itself is waterproof due to the coating in the center, but on the sides, at the joints when water gets in, it will begin to swell. To avoid this, coat joints with sealant.

I made the borders with masking tape, and only then applied and smeared the sealant.

We hang the grid on a wire or rope. It should hang in the middle of the bench.

We prepare and pour concrete. It's not so simple. First, the base of the shop is poured, carefully compacted so that there are no air bubbles.

But before that, so that the concrete does not stick to the formwork, I lubricated the mold with silicone grease. For this, still use sunflower oil.

Then we close the base with a chipboard plate and fill the legs of the bench.

We are waiting for drying 3-5 days. After drying, disassemble the frame.

The shop has a natural color of stone and fits perfectly into the natural interior.

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