Meat grinder knife sharpener

With this simple tool, you can quickly and correctly grind your meat grinder knives. Quickly, because a drill, machine or screwdriver is used to rotate the knife, but correctly, because the device gives optimal force when pressing the entire plane without distortion.

Will be needed to assemble the fixture

  • A pair of long balts with four nuts to them.

  • A pair of thin bolts with two nuts to them.

  • Two springs.

  • A piece of thin steel plate.

Making a device for sharpening knives of a meat grinder

We will be the first to make a tool for sharpening a cross-shaped knife. We measure the internal size of the square hole with a caliper.

We grind a bolt head on a flying machine under a square with the dimensions of a square hole in the knife.

We assemble the device in the following sequence:

We put a washer on a bolt with a square hat, then a spring. Next, another washer, two nuts. We pull the spring with nuts so that the pressure is created and the spring does not dangle just like that. Now we tighten the nuts together with two wrenches so that nothing further loosens.

The fixture is ready.

But before starting to sharpen the faces that are adjacent to the mesh knife, sharpen the perpendicular planes. Let's do it on the same tape machine.

Let us put everything aside for now and proceed with the manufacture of the device for the mesh knife.

You will need a rectangular piece of metal. You can take steel or aluminum.

We apply nets to the knife to mark the borders and cut off the excess, drill three holes: in the center and on the sides for the guides.

We drill a middle hole under a large bolt. And wa small under thin bolts.

We collect the device. We insert the central thick bolt, having previously screwed one nut on it. After we fix it with one more nut.

We insert thin bolts of the same length into the small holes and fix them with nuts with force.

The fixture is ready. The main thing is that the central bolt is lower or equal to the length of the thin bolts relative to the level of the rectangular plate. See the photo.

Now the fixtures are ready.

Sharpening the meat grinder knives

Sharpening will be done on a vertical boring machine, but you can use a hand drill or a screwdriver.

We fix in the cartridge a device for sharpening a mesh knife.

We will sharpen it in three stages: first with sandpaper with coarse grain, then with fine, and finally with the smallest.

We put on a flat lining of a piece of steel or other material. The main thing is that the surface is perfectly smooth. Then we put sandpaper with large grain on top, then the mesh knife itself. Lower the tool so that all the bolts get into the holes. It is not necessary to bring it to the very end. It is necessary that the spring creates pressure forces.

We turn on the machine and within a few minutes we sharpen the knife.

Next, stop the machine and replace the sandpaper with a smaller one. We continue to sharpen the knife for several minutes.

Now it comes to finish paper with the finest grain size.

The result is obvious:

The same thing needs to be done with a cross-shaped knife: first, large paper.

Then shallow:

Well, the smallest:

The result is excellent.

All knives were sharpened as well as possible, both surfaces are rubbed against one another. To check this, we will sell a strip of paper into the hole and try to cut it off with a rotating movement of the knife. If everything worked out, then the result is achieved.

You must admit that the design is by no means complicated, but very simple. And if you regularly sharpen knives, you just need to make it for the house.

In the video you can clearly see the assembly of the sharpening device and its testing.