How to make a table from an old door

If you replaced the old wooden door with a new one, then this workshop is for you. Do not throw a door that has worked out its own. She can still serve long enough. For example, you can make an excellent table out of it, which can be used for home, workshop or garden.

Will need

  • Natural hollow interior door without relief.

  • Boards for legs and contours around the table.

  • Wood paint and brushes.

  • Putty and primer on wood.

  • Self-tapping screws and nails.

  • Sandpaper.

    Woodworking tools, manual or mechanized.

    Making a table from a door

    It is necessary to clean the door by removing all grease marks, old paint. You can use a grinding machine for this, or we can clean it in the old fashioned way manually with rough sand paper.

    The door itself is thin for a countertop. And to give the table a more serious look and add strength, we surround the door along the perimeter with a wider board.

    We cut the boards.

    We make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees.

    We nail the boards with nails just joining the corners together.

    It is not necessary to use solid boards here, it is quite possible to make long sections of several small boards. The countertop is ready.

    There should be even edges. Sand all sharp corners at a small radius.

    We pin the longitudinal guides and pre-cut legs made of square timber. We attach the legs of the table to the screws. Fixation comes from two directions.

    The hole from the handle must be sealed from the back of the steel.

    We close piece of plywood or other material and put it on glue on wood.

    For the hole on the front side, you need to cut the plug, because to fill a large hole with putty is not very good.

    We clean the entire table from burrs and small irregularities. Putty and primer all the cracks, especially the hole from under the handle.

    After drying, you can go again with fine sandpaper. It is better to take the table out into the open, as there is painting ahead.

    Apply a coat of paint on wood. I took a white color.

    Next, after drying the first layer, apply the second. Let it dry and your new table is ready!

    Here is what a wonderful beautiful table you can make from an old interior door, which is usually thrown away.

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