Making a convenient key for a drill chuck

Hello! I will tell you how to make a very convenient key for the chuck of your drill, drilling machine or hammer drill. The native key that comes with the kit is extremely uncomfortable. Tightening the drill is very difficult and with frequent changes of the drilling tool, your fingers begin to hurt. This problem can be easily solved in a short period of time, if you make your own convenient key for the cartridge.

We try to securely tighten the drill in the chuck using the key included.

Due to the small lever, it is very difficult to create the proper effort, and therefore securely fasten the tool. As a result, unpleasant pain in the arm appears due to excessive force.

Convenient key making

It is necessary to cut off the head of the native key, but not under the root, but at a distance of about 5-7 mm. To do this, mark the place of cut with a marker.

Holding the key with pliers, saw off the head with a grinder. If there is a vice, use them, since this method is extremely dangerous.

Next, you need a ring wrench, into the hole of which the sawed head is inserted as close as possible. I took on 8, I do not need it so much, especially the second half of it will completely remain working.

We insert one into the other.

Fix by arc welding.

Hammer the mill scale after welding. Grind to a shine with a grinding wheel on the grinder.

Our convenient key is ready.

We test: it pulls in the cartridge very well, it's just a song!

It's a shame that I suffered for a long time before with the usual key. I recommend that you do the same.

As a result of a longer lever, it is possible to create a good tightening force without problems, without too much tension for yourself. Use your friends! Very comfortably!

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