Rack for the grinder from the handle of a children's bike. Extremely useful homemade

Good homemade products can be made from literally anything. An example of this is a cross-cut machine for a grinder from the parent handle of a children's bicycle. This is a removable part, the need for which disappears when the child begins to ride independently, so it can be put on the machine without remorse.

The main materials:

  • parental handle from the bike;

  • steel strip 40 mm;

  • steel U-shaped profile 30x50 mm or more;

  • profile square pipe 40x40mm;

  • polypropylene pipe 32 mm;

  • sieve or tin;

  • thin profile pipe or any small corner.

Trimming Machine Assembly

The parent handle is a telescopic design in which the diameter of the inner and outer tubes is selected so that there is no play between them. In the homemade product, both parts will be used.

From the lower pipes, the base for fastening to the bicycle is cut off. Only the handles are cut off from the top to make a U-shaped part. You also need to remove the membrane between the upper tubes.

Literally 40 mm is cut from the U-shaped steel profile. This piece will be used to fix the rotary mechanism of the grinder to the telescopic part of the machine.

Next, you need to bend the bracket from the steel strip, which will be attached to the trim of the U-shaped profile.

Details are docked and side holes are drilled into them, which will subsequently allow them to be connected by a common axis.

A piece is cut from a steel strip to the length of the existing grinder. It will be used as the basis for its fixation. The trim is screwed to a previously curved bracket. At the same time, he should go a little beyond its limits in the front part to make a hole for mounting the grinder through the mounting socket for its handle

To fix the telescopic part of the machine to the worktop, you need to prepare 2 pieces of a square profile pipe. You will also need 4 cut along the spacers from a polypropylene pipe. For direct fixation, you need to make 4 clamps from a sieve or tin.

We paint all the parts.

Assembly of the machine must begin by attaching the scraps of the profile square to the countertop. Already to them through polypropylene tubes using clamps are screwed telescopic rails.

Then the rotary mechanism is fixed. For this, a U-shaped profile is screwed to the telescopic fork. A curved bracket with a base for a grinder is attached to it with the help of a hairpin.

The grinder itself needs to be bolted, screwing it through the strip of the rotary mechanism into the lower hole to fix its handle.

Installed in place, the grinder needs to be cut on the countertop. A transverse stop is fixed along it at an angle of 90 degrees, along which trimming will be done.

The machine is assembled without welding using a minimum set of tools. The grinder is quickly put on and removed from it, while its integrity is not violated. The device works without backlashes and is very accurate. Its maintenance is reduced only to updating the lubricant between the pipes of the telescopic mechanism.