Do-it-yourself simple bed

Hello dear friends! I recently moved to a rented apartment. I chose the apartment cheaper, there was practically no furniture there. At first I had to sleep on the floor on the mattress.

At some point I was tired of it and wanted a normal bed. But since this is not my apartment, there was no point in buying a finished bed. Yes, and they are quite expensive. We needed a budget decision. So I thought and decided to make a bed with my own hands.

The total cost is about $ 40.

Materials and tools

To make a bed you will need:

  • Furniture panel 2000 * 200 * 18 mm, 2 pcs. - 14.8 dollars.

  • Furniture panel 1200 * 200 * 18 mm, 2 pcs - dollars.

  • Bar 2000 * 35 * 50 mm, 3 pcs - dollars.

  • Boards for cladding 1300 * 82 * 17 mm, 5 PCs. 3 packs - 11 dollars.

  • Screws 3.5 * 45 mm 100 pcs - 1.5 dollars.

  • Confirmation screw 7x50 mm 14 pcs - 2 dollars.

  • Screw M8 * 80 mm 4 pcs - 1 dollar.

  • Self-locking nuts M8 4pcs - $ 0.5.


  • Screwdriver.

  • Saw.

  • Grinder.

  • Roulette.

  • Level.

In the hardware store we buy materials. Try to choose the most even details. Do not be lazy to sort out a few boards. The smoother the materials, the easier it will be for you to assemble the bed.

Making a simple bed do it yourself

First of all, we assemble the bed frame. I put a right angle with the help of a homemade corner from particleboard. Fix with clamps

We connect two furniture panels with confirmants. 3 screws for each corner. If you want to achieve a more beautiful result, you can use the connection on a slanting screw.

Check the diagonals.

For the legs I used balances from balusters. The main part and I used to make a table in the kitchen. The rest was perfect for the legs of the bed.

Next, take the beam and measure. We must saw off 2 thicknesses of furniture board and 2 thicknesses of legs.

Try on a cut beam.

We insert the legs.

It should get a right angle.

We fasten the bar to the furniture board. Used screws 3.5 * 45 mm in increments of 10 cm

Now we fix the leg with a clamp and drill a through hole. 8 mm drill

Insert the bolt and tighten with a self-locking nut

Check the level. Great, the frame is ready.

We proceed to the manufacture of slats. Boards had to be cut a little. He left a small margin for expanding the tree, so he cut not 1200 mm, but 1150 mm.

We lay out the lamellas. We set the same indent between them.

And we fasten them to a bar. 2 screws on each side.

For greater reliability, in the center of the bed, I made a stiffener.

We proceed to the final processing. To do this, smoke with sandpaper. I used only 180 grains.

Next dedust. He walked with a vacuum cleaner and rags.

The final touch. We cover with oil for wood - Watco Danish Oil (light nut).

And do not forget about the legs.

So the bed is ready for May. I was satisfied with the result. It turned out easy, fast, and most importantly budget. It took me about 6 hours to build and a little over 40 bucks.

I hope you enjoyed the article. See you soon!