Tool for welding profile at any angle

With the help of such a simple device you can conveniently weld a metal profile at any angle. As a result, labor will be facilitated, the quality of welding will increase. I think that you should spend two dozen minutes and make yourself such a thing, which in the future will save your time and effort.

Need materials

  • A piece of steel plate, approximately 30-50 mm wide and 2-5 mm thick.

  • A piece of steel plate, approximately 10-30 mm wide and 2-5 mm thick.

  • A piece of corner profile.

  • Two nuts M4-M8.

  • Long stud under the nuts.

  • Short bolt with a nut like "Cheburashka".

    Manufacturing devices for profile welding

    Take a thick plate.

    From it we cut two pieces 140 mm long. We mark on a ruler.

    Cut off with a grinder, grind sharp edges.

    We combine the segments together and in both we drill a hole for the bolt.

    We insert a bolt into the holes, fixing with a cheburashka. On the line we set a right angle and tightening with a cheburashka.

    On the ruler, mark a straight line. It is necessary to make such a cut so that the segments, being in a right angle, are parallel to each other, being in the same plane. We carefully cut off the grinder.

    This is how it should end up: the angle is straight, and the legs are on the same line.

    We apply a corner profile.

    Welded by arc welding.

    Having approximately set aside a distance of 90 mm, we draw strips on each side.

    Like this:

    We cut off the middle of the grinder.

    Now take the narrow pieces of the steel plate.

    Clamp in a vice and hammer blows bend the letter "G".

    Now we weld to each side of the future fixture.

    Next, we weld the nuts to the bent ends.

    We screw a trimmed hairpin into each nut, with a welded cheburashka at the end. Such a peculiar clamping mechanism was obtained on each side.

    The fixture is ready!

    Due to the fact that it bends in any direction, you can choose absolutely any angle of welding, both blunt and sharp.

    We fix a rectangular profile at a right angle.

    And if you need to weld the pipes evenly, then there is nothing easier. Everything will be fixed precisely and will not walk or shake when welding.

    You can fix not only metal, but also wood.

    In general, make yourself such a useful and convenient device and you will not regret it. See you soon!

    See the video for a detailed build.