Twisted plait for wires from a plastic bottle

Wiring harnesses that are very useful and necessary for the household can be made from a plastic bottle. Harnesses can be of almost any size and any number of wires can be laid in them. Everyone who has a computer at home, I recommend taking this workshop as a note. Since thanks to him, you can easily organize order near a PC, where bundles of wires always lie.

Of course, use on this is not limited. Harnesses additionally insulate the wire, protect from mechanical stress, from excessive bending, etc. So the options for use and application are just a lot. And the main thing is that everything is made from useless recyclables - a plastic bottle.

Will need

  • 5 washers.

  • 2 screws.

  • Wooden block.

  • Nail.

  • Blade from a clerical knife.

  • A bit of copper wire.

    Making a twisted bundle from a bottle

    The first thing you need to do is a bottle cutter, which will cut a plastic bottle into a narrow ribbon. On a wooden block, put two shabs at a short distance.

    On top we put the blade from the clerical knife and the washer on the edge of the blade without a hole. To reduce the blade blade should be broken off to the desired length.

    Self-tapping screws fix the entire structure. The bottle cutter is ready. The thickness of the two lower washers determines the thickness of the future tape, so if you need a tape of a larger thickness, place one or more washers on each side.

    Now we fix the bar. Cut the bottle skirt with irregularities.

    Dress the bottle on the bottle cutter. We press on the neck and rotate the bottle by turning it so that the knife begins to cut the skirt.

    Next, grab the tape that appears and pull without decreasing the pressure exerted on the neck from above.

    We reach the top of the bottle and you can stop there.

    We take a nail and fasten the beginning of the tape at his hat.

    We wind tightly a turn to a turn a tape on a nail and fix a wire on the other hand.

    Blow a hair dryer with a construction hairdryer over the entire length for one minute. Instead of a hairdryer, you can lower the twist in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

    Remove the clips from the wire.

    The harness now retains its shape.

    It stretches perfectly and returns to its original position.

    We experience our curls. Here are the chaotic wires.

    We wind the harness on those wires that may well go together. Everything is neatly organized.

    This twist perfectly bends and looks very nice and aesthetically pleasing.

    Now you can easily organize your order under your computer desk, where there are a lot of wires lying around.