Smartphone antenna in 3 minutes

The easiest way to increase the signal level of your cell phone in a few minutes. You will not need absolutely anything except a piece of wire of a certain length. This method will definitely help in a difficult life situation.

Before finalizing the cell phone, I show the initial signal level.

Now it is: minus 99 dB - 7 units.

We disassemble the smartphone, namely, remove the back cover. SIM cards, a battery and so on are hidden under it. We are interested in antenna connectors.

Usually, there is only one connector for connecting an external GSM antenna, but sometimes there can be several: wi-fi, 4G, 3G. See the captions to them. We are interested in the GSM jack.

Making the simplest antenna for a cell phone

Now you need to take a piece of wire in isolation, with a central core of such a diameter that is inserted into the central socket of this connector. Postings must be exposed on one side for connection.

But this is not so simple: this wiring must have a certain length so that it works as efficiently as an external antenna.

Namely, its length should be 1/4 of the wavelength. The wavelength can be calculated by the frequency at which your cell works.

Most phones work in the range where the average frequency will be 1.9 GHz. But there are exceptions as in my case - 0.8 GHz.

Now you need to calculate the wavelength, for this you can use the many online services on the network.


  • For a frequency of 0.8 GHz - 38 cm, now divide by 4 and get the antenna wiring length - 9.5 cm.

  • And for the frequency of 1.9 GHz - 16 cm, divide by 4 and get - 4 cm.

    We cut the desired length of the wire and insert the bare end into the antenna connector.

    It can be bent from the top so that it does not protrude from the body.

    Distribute it in the area of ​​the battery.

    We hold the antenna with your fingers, you can fix it with a piece of tape.

    Close the back cover of the smartphone.

    The result is visible immediately. The level increased to minus 85 dB and amounted to 14 units, which is pretty good.

    Well, if you find yourself in a completely hopeless situation and can not calculate the length of the wiring - take any segment.

    Bye everyone.