Very simple and tasty watermelon jam for the winter

A very interesting taste of jam is obtained from watermelon peels. A rich, thick syrup and sweet and piquant slices of watermelon can be an excellent winter dessert and decorate more than one homemade tea party. In order for the sweetness to be not only mouth-watering, but also bright, use watermelon peels along with red pulp to create it. It will give sweets a nice beautiful shade, make the taste of jam more soft and piquant. In order to tone up the taste of a sweet dessert, it is recommended to add a pinch of citric acid or natural citrus fruit juice to the mass. It will make the taste of goodies interesting and even more piquant.

Watermelon jam is stored for 8-10 months. For this, a kitchen pantry or a dark cabinet will go. The main thing is not to reduce the rate of sweetener in the recipe. In this case, it, like acid, plays the role of a preservative and helps sweets to preserve all their useful qualities and bright appearance throughout all the cold months.


  • - 500 grams of watermelon peels (peeled);

  • - a pinch of citric acid;

  • - 500 grams of granulated sugar.


1. We clear a watermelon from a thick and rough peel, trying to "capture" a part of green watermelon.

It is she who will help the pieces to maintain their shape during heat treatment, and the scarlet part of the fruit will give the treat a bright appearance and make its taste softer.

2. Put the slices of watermelon in a bowl and pour in it the recommended rate of sweetener.

3. Shake the container with delicacy several times so that the sweetener evenly covers the raw materials.

4. Leave the workpiece for 12-14 hours. During this period, watermelon peels will significantly decrease in volume and the fruit juice will dissolve all granulated sugar.

5. Add a pinch of acid to the container, cook the sweetness at a low temperature for 30 minutes. After the mass has completely cooled, we repeat the process several times until its density suits us.

6. We use watermelon jam for 10-12 months at our discretion.