Salted cucumbers in a bag quickly and easily

More recently, cucumbers in a bag have gained great popularity in cooking. This amazing appetizer is a real hit in the summer. There is nothing better than serving rosy potatoes with crispy cucumbers. No one can resist the aroma and taste of peerless cucumbers. To the best of salty, lightly spicy flavor cucumbers, like the whole family and close relatives. A simple and quick method of salting will allow you to make refreshments very often. Salted pickles package - a recipe for true gourmets!

Would need

  • - 1 kilogram of cucumbers

  • - a tablespoon of salt

  • - a bunch of dill

  • - 2 garlic cloves

  • - 3 peas of allspice

  • - cardamom seed

  • - to taste black ground pepper

  • - 2 carnation umbrellas

  • - a teaspoon of sugar.

    The sequence of preparation of salted cucumbers in a bag

    1. In order for the appetizer to be successful, you need to use cucumbers of about the same size. Too large cucumbers are best not to use or cut into pieces. Wash the cucumbers very carefully. Then, cut each cucumber into four parts.

    2. Put cucumbers in a bag. For durability and reliability, after the snack has already been prepared, place it still in one bag. Thus, it turns out to get additional protection against leakage of liquid from a plastic bag.

    3. Prepare allspice peas, cardamom and cloves. Grind dill with a knife. Also, garlic must be passed through a press. Put these components in a package.

    4. Add black ground pepper, salt and sugar.

    5. Tie a knot on the bag. It is important that air remains inside the bag. Thus, cucumbers will quickly give the juice and will be salted in it. Shake the bag with your hands so that all spices and spices are evenly distributed. Send the package to the refrigerator for 3 hours. If the cucumbers stand for longer, the taste will be more intense.

    6. Juicy, crispy cucumbers can be eaten.

    Bon Appetit!