The way to remove rust

Each person more than once in his life has encountered such a nuisance as metal corrosion, or, more simply, rust. There are many ways to combat this scourge, but not all of them are effective enough. Having tried several of the methods and not having achieved the desired result, I found my own way to deal with rust. At least I have not seen such a search.

Will need

  • Baking soda.

  • Toothpaste.

  • Detergent for dishes.

  • Paste GOI.

  • Alcohol.

  • Cotton wool or soft cloth.

  • Grinder with a felt disk.

We remove rust from metal

So, for starters, prepare the surface to be cleaned, namely, just wipe it with alcohol. Now prepare the mixture. Pour a large spoonful of baking soda into the dishes and squeeze out a teaspoon of toothpaste from the tube. Now pour the detergent for the dishes and stir, bring the mixture to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Next, apply this mixture with a cotton wool to a surface that is cleaned of rust.

Leave for one hour.

During this time, surface-active substances (surfactants) contained in the detergent will corrode the rust, and the mixture will turn into a thin crust covering the surface to be cleaned. After the specified time, rub (with effort!) With a soft cloth or cotton swab this crust over the affected areas.

Grind it until the entire mixture, along with rust, remains on a rag.

So, we removed the rust, but a small problem remained: dark spots remained at the places of the removed rust. To remove them, we take a grinder, we fix a felt disk on it, with a goya paste previously applied to it and carefully grind the surface. During this procedure, not only dark spots remaining from rust are removed, but also micro scratches left by soda. The surface turns mirror blue!

In addition: goy paste, remaining on the surface after grinding, for some time protects this surface from moisture and, as a result, rust.

And in order to avoid the appearance of rust in the future, simply wipe the surface with gun oil at least once a month. Or oil for a sewing machine, these oils are almost identical.