Simple antenna for digital television

The antenna is designed to receive digital television channels in the DVB-T2 range. It has a very simple design and repeatability. It can be used as a home or outdoor antenna. Good for long-distance use.

Will need


  • Single-core copper wire 3 mm in diameter.

  • Cable television with a plug.

  • Plastic round balls for the base.


    • Soldering iron with solder and flux.

    • Hot glue gun.

    • Nippers.

    • Pliers.

    • Roulette or ruler.

      Production of an antenna for digital television DVB-T2

      A drawing of the antenna looks like this:

      This is one of the most popular types - double biquadrat, it is also called the Harchenko antenna. It is tuned to mid-range DVB-T2.

      For its manufacture, you can use a wire and a larger diameter than 3 mm.

      We take a tape measure, measure according to the drawing the sides for bending.

      With pliers we make bends forming a square.

      We make two such squares for both arms of the antenna. At the ends, making loops is not necessary, but it is easier to solder the squares with each other.

      Now wet the junction with the flux.

      Solder solder both squares in one.

      Solder the cable.

      Put on the plastic round and pour hot glue on the spot, while gluing the antenna to the plastic.

      The antenna is ready. It can be hung from this plastic round.

      The antenna perfectly catches at home and on the street. It is suitable for long-distance reception in the country. As you can see, the design is unusually simple, which gives it significant advantages.

      Now we direct it to the transmission station and start the automatic search.

      You can also refine the design with a reflector, cutting it out of a piece of tin.

      I also want to focus your attention on the endurance of dimensions during manufacture, since a slight deviation from the set ones can significantly reduce the quality of digital channels reception.

      If you use the antenna on the street, but it will not be superfluous to paint it, protecting it from weather conditions. Although, it seems to me, nothing will happen to her anyway.