How to install a fence post for centuries

Hello! I want to show how to properly install the posts for the fence, since there is not much information on the Internet. If you set up posts using this technology, then your fence will be strong, even, and most importantly it will stand for a very long time. The method provides complete stability and stability as a result of the upward movement of the soil, protects against rising due to changes in natural seasons and temperatures.

Fence post installation

Prepare the post. This is a profile pipe 50x50, with a wall thickness of 3 mm. When choosing it, in no case should you save money, since this is the main pillar of the future fence.

The length of the pipe is 3.5 meters.

In that part of the pipe that will be in the ground, it is necessary to make a rectangular cutout with a grinder. The sizes are arbitrary: from the edge of 12 cm and the length of the cutout 12 cm. It is done so that the cement penetrates into the pipe, hardens and becomes one. Due to this, it will be impossible to separate the pillar from the frozen block of cement.

Then we prepare the well for filling and installation.

The well must be deep. We insert the pipe, make a notch.

Next, measure with a tape measure, it turns out about 156 cm.

Now we measure from the mark to a depth of 70 cm and make a note with a white electrical tape for clarity.

To prevent the pillar from sticking out in the winter, concreting must be done in two diameters.

These two diameters will be set using a drill with a diameter of 18 cm (lower diameter):

And PVC pipe 110 cm (top diameter):

That is, up to the mark with a white tape from the bottom, concreting with a diameter of 18 cm will be made.

And then a plastic pipe is put on the profile and concreted after the mark with a diameter of 11 cm.

The outer part around the plastic pipe will be covered with sand and gravel.

At the final stage, the fence post will have the following appearance:

Before proceeding with the installation of the column, it is necessary to remove water from the well, which appeared there more likely. This can be done with the help of a simple device.

This is an ordinary plastic bottle with a side cut and dressed on a long aluminum pole.

Now you need to pull the string to align the posts with each other. It is imperative to pull on top, not down, as is usually the case.

We stretch from one corner post to another. And if the string sags, we make additional stops and pass the string through the welded nuts.

This string also sets the place for drilling. We make a plumb line and determine the place.

We expose the pillar along the string, and its straightness is set using the level from two planes.

We proceed to concreting, knead the solution. If there is a lot of water in the well, then the first lots of concrete should not be made too liquid.

After each filled portion of concrete, we compact it. This can be done with an ordinary long wooden stick.

After 2-3 servings of the solution, you should already try to align the column.

And when the distance of the flooded mass reached the mark, it was time to put on a plastic pipe.

The PVC pipe should be placed evenly so that the profile is in the center of it. At the same time, pay your attention to the difference in diameters.

For convenient pouring, I recommend making such a gutter for supplying the solution.

And the outer space around the pillar is covered with sand and gravel.

It is not necessary to add concrete to the edges, since it will rise early in the hardening process.

A cement slurry is also poured into the pillar in portions. And to make it convenient for them to fill the pipe, use the neck of a five-liter bottle.

Insert the neck and fill the concrete.

The pillar should be clearly in line.

The perfect sturdy fence post is ready!

This technology is much more complicated than usual, but it has a number of most important advantages, in view of which I recommend using this method of installing posts.

A more detailed description with a detailed step-by-step installation of the column, see the video.