How to salt lard in a dry way

Modern nutritionists have long recognized lard as a healthy product. Well, at least in salted fat there is nothing but fat. But the composition of sausages from the store can cause not only questions, but also digestive upset. Therefore, it is better to buy a good piece of pork fat from a piglet that has been fattened at home. After this, salt the fat on your own. Lard at home can be salted in several ways. The simplest of them is the dry salted ambassador. This fat is not only tasty, but also healthy. Dry baked lard is well and stored for a long time without loss of taste.

It will be required for cooking

To prepare lard in a dry way you need:

  • good fresh fat 2 kg;

  • garlic 10 - 15 cloves;

  • salt, how much will go large.

    Solim fat recipe

    1. The selected fat should not be washed if it does not have blood drips and other contaminants. If they are, then the contaminated places can be cleaned with a knife, if this is the edge, then it is better to cut it and use it in other dishes.

    2. The prepared piece of fat should be cut so that the pieces do not disintegrate.

    3. Grate bacon on all sides with salt, not sparing it. Good fat is impossible to salt. Limit salt is necessary if the lard is very thin. Do not take fine salt, the taste of the finished salted lard will be worse.

    4. Crush the garlic, chop it with a knife and spread it over the whole bacon, not forgetting the cuts.

    5. Wrap fat in paper, put in a suitable container and refrigerate on the lowest shelf.

    6. After a week, the lard with garlic and dry salting will be ready.

    If you like lard with pepper or spices, then it is better to sprinkle lard with them before serving. Otherwise, during prolonged storage of salted lard, spices, including peppers, can change their taste.