How to drill a file

How to drill a red-hot file in a light? A very simple way that is useful to you in life. A little trick to using the tool for other purposes or not for its intended purpose. A short workshop on red-hot steel drilling.

We drill a red-hot file

So, we fix the file in the grip of a drilling machine. We insert a drill on glass and tile into the chuck. Yes - yes, a drill with which to drill glass or tile.

Spray the drill plentifully and the drilling site with grease.

And proceed to drilling holes. Everything is like with an ordinary drill and metal.

After a short drill, we’ll raise it.

Again, spray with grease and continue drilling.

The hole was drilled, but not completely. Since the drill on the glass has a cone-shaped soldering, the drilled hole will also have a cone shape when the drill is not completely passing.

To make the hole even, turn the file over and drill the hole on the back.

In most cases, craftsmen take a special drill for such matters and re-sharpen, but I suggested a simpler method.

Why drill a file?

That's right, there’s absolutely no reason to drill it! This is just a good example of how and how to drill red-hot steel, carbide, quick cut.

In general, use it, use it, write comments.