How to close a hole in the interior door

Hollow interior doors require a more careful attitude, in view of its lightweight design, compared with solid. Well, and if you have not saved such a door from an impact, say, when you moved the furniture, then a good dent or even a hole will certainly appear in it. Of course you can buy a new one, they are not so expensive, but in any case it is much cheaper to fix it with your own hands.

Hollow door repair with restoration of the figure

So the entire repair and restoration of the hollow door can be divided into five main stages:

  1. Filling the voids under the dent with mounting foam to give strength to the place for further processing.

  2. Putty surface.

  3. Making a stencil with the original wood pattern.

  4. Restoration of the pattern on the door surface.

  5. Painting.

    So, remove the door from the hinges. We put on stools or another flat elevation, damaged place up.

    Fill the voids with foam

    To fix the dent and fill the holes, we will use a universal mounting foam, which is used in construction and repair.

    If the hole does not have open slots or holes, then you need to do them yourself using a drill and a screwdriver.

    The diameter of the drill, take a little more foam tube tube.

    We fill the space under the crack.

    Let the foam harden. This usually takes a day.

    After solidification, we cut off the foam protruding from the holes and slots.

    We grind, removing paint from the restored area, making it smooth and even.

    Putty surface

    When the surface is prepared, we proceed to the putty, having previously primed the place of application.

    There are special requirements for putty, it must be on an epoxy basis so that the surface to be restored is durable. It is not difficult to buy or cook yourself.

    We use a rubber spatula.

    We stomp, filling all the bumps and bumps.

    It may be necessary to apply several layers to obtain the desired result.

    Leave to dry and for now move on to another stage.

    We make a shape with a pattern

    We find on the same door a plot of similar size with a good texture.

    Reiki gnawing at him.

    And in order to fix and seal a peculiar bath, we coat with plasticine, clay or other plastic material.

    Pour liquid rubber (or silicone rubber) into the resulting bath. Note that the door must be very flat.

    Evenly distributed over all surfaces. It is not necessary to make a very thick layer, somewhere around 5-7 mm.

    Leave and wait for hardening. The time can be found in the instructions for use.

    When the time has come, remove the sides, peel off the layer from the door.

    The result should be a clear shape on a piece of rubber.

    We restore the wood pattern on the door

    We make a side, about a millimeter thick, around the damaged area.

    We take glue on an epoxy basis, mix the components. Apply the required amount to the area inside the frame.

    Put the tread of the pattern on top and roll it a little with a foam bottle.

    Excess glue is removed with a brush.

    Presses the stencil to the door and leave to dry.

    As the glue dries, we remove the stencil.

    The surface is almost ready.

    Interior door painting

    At the end of the work, you must completely paint the door. The paint will smooth out small irregularities and transitions.

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