Salting mushrooms, my step by step recipe

If you cook potatoes, put mushrooms on a plate, cut a little onion and pour it all with vegetable oil or village sour cream, then it’s hard to come up with the best snack. In stores, salty muffins are very rare, they cost very decent money.

Not always, industrially prepared mushrooms have a good taste, more often they are saline. But if you walk through the woods, collect them yourself and cook them correctly, then you can get not only moral pleasure, but also please yourself, your family and friends with a real delicacy.


Mushrooms prefer to grow in deciduous or mixed forests, hiding under fallen leaves, grass, in moss or in the ground. And aspen for them is a real paradise.

Young mushrooms are very difficult to see in their shelter - you have to check every tubercle. And finding one, rummage around, moving in a spiral. The trick is that the breasts rarely grow alone - more often they form a whole ridge. To be careful, you can collect from one place to the bucket.

Adult mushrooms are not always whole - for worms and bugs this is also a delicacy. Disdain them and throw them away: you certainly won’t put them on the table. But if finely chopped salted breasts, fried with onions, then there is simply no tastier filling for pies, puffs, pancakes.

Preparing the breasts for the ambassador

This species is considered conditionally edible mushrooms. Therefore, before you salt them, you need to soak them for 3 days. For this, the breasts are placed in a large container and filled with cold water.

A plate or wooden circle is placed on top so that they are completely immersed in water.

You do not need to wash and clean them beforehand, it will be easier to do when they are wet. Water needs to be changed in the morning and in the evening. If the house is hot, then you need to do this more often, or place the container in a cooler place. It is very important that the water does not begin to sour.

It is most convenient to rinse the breasts the next day:

  • pure mushrooms will sour less;

  • you can finally decide which breasts are good for nothing - they need to be thrown away;

  • soaked mushrooms are more difficult to clean and trim.

It is better to rinse under running water - this will make it possible to remove all debris between the plates on the underside. Cut the legs under the hat itself.

After 3 days, rinse the breasts again.

Put a large pot of water in boil, where to add citric acid on the tip of the knife. Prepare another bowl of cold water. Mushrooms, several pieces, immerse in boiling water for 2 minutes, and then transfer to cold water. This is done so that they do not darken during the salting process.

After the mushrooms have cooled, put them in a colander.

Salting of mushrooms

While excess water flows from the mushrooms, we prepare herbs and spices. To do this, you will need:

  • dill;

  • currant leaves;

  • cloves of garlic or its stems;

  • horseradish leaves;

  • salt;

  • Bay leaf;

  • peppercorns: black and allspice.

Stage I

Rinse greens thoroughly. Put spices, garlic, dill, leaves of currant and horseradish at the bottom of the container in which the breasts will be salted.

Next lay out a layer of mushrooms, with their caps down.

Sprinkle with salt. You can take it by eye, but, in total, no more than 2 tsp. Then lay the seasonings again, then the mushrooms, so in layers, until the mushrooms run out.

Cover with a plate or plastic lid so large that the gap is minimal, put the load on. The harder it is, the better.

II stage

After 3-4 days, the milk should be transferred to banks, which should be thoroughly washed. It is better to use small ones, so that when you open it, you can eat mushrooms for 1-2 times.

You need to put the mushrooms in the jars not as horrible, but sorting: which ones will go to the table, and worse it can be used as a filling. From the container where the mushrooms were salted, get the herbs and spices, lay them on the bottom of the cans.

Put the mushrooms there, with the hats down, cover with horseradish and currant leaves from above. If the mushroom is large - cut into 4 parts.

Now we need to prepare the brine:

  • pour water into the pan, you can use the liquid remaining in the tank, but it will be small;

  • add salt: per liter - 1 tbsp. l without a hill;

  • boil;

  • remove the pan from the stove and add vinegar, at the rate of 1 tsp. per liter of water.

Pour jars of mushrooms with this hot brine so that there are no air voids. Close the lids, put in the refrigerator for 30-40 days, salted out.

Mushrooms cooked using this technology will be crispy, not salted, and beautiful. A delicious snack for any holiday or New Year's table.