Add a stripper to the pliers.

To make a convenient device for stripping wire insulation (stripper) from pliers is very simple. Pliers will not lose their function, but rather will gain new ones and become more useful.

The stripper will be universal, that is, to strip the main diameters of the wires that we need.

Will need

  • Pliers, not quite simple, but elongated.

  • Drills for metal of different diameters along the wire cross section.

    We finalize the pliers, add a wire stripper

    We take pliers and a marker mark the place for drilling on both sides.

    Since the diameters of the wires are different, it will be necessary to make several sockets for stripping under each diameter of the wire separately. Therefore, you need to correctly mark everything.

    We will prepare three drills of different diameters: large medium and small. We drill the first nest. Clamp the pliers with your hand strongly and make a hole between the planes.

    The hole does not need to be made through, but approximately 1 mm short of the edge from the tip of the drill.

    Turn the pliers over and drill a hole in the same place.

    As a result, two holes will meet. Here you need to be careful, as the through hole should not work. The drill only has to start making a hole that will connect to another. As a result, a sharp edge should be obtained, which will just bite into the insulation of the wire.

    View from above. Look carefully.

    This jack is for large diameter wires. We take the wire and try to remove the insulation from it. Everything is great.

    In the same way, having shifted a little, we make a smaller socket for wires.

    We are also testing stripping.

    If everything suits, go to the third socket.

    Three holes were drilled.

    The pliers are modified. By the way, they look very stylish. As if something was being sold.

    Re-strip the desired wires.

    The thing is very comfortable! Here you and pliers, if you need to bend something, then you and a stripper, if you need to remove the insulation.

    For me, as a radio master, this is just a godsend!