Smoked salaka at home

Smoked salaka is a wonderful find for those who love fish. Many will say that with such a trifle is not worth bothering. Do not try to rush to conclusions, because the result will be amazing, impressive. It turns out a natural product with an amazing taste. And at the price a delicacy is available to everyone. And what a pleasure it is to watch a golden fish that exudes a divine smell from the smokehouse. The convincing arguments are endless, so the recipe for how to get smoked herring at home is further proposed. See photos that will help you understand the process of hot smoking.

Grocery list

Preparing for smoking at home, you need to purchase:

  • 1 kg of herring;

  • 2 tbsp. l salts;

  • favorite spices.

How to cook smoked herring: instructions and step by step photos

First you have to do some fish. It is unlikely that someone will go catch it. Hope for our fish shops. It is proposed to choose a chilled product, although it is not easy to purchase it. Frozen herring is also suitable. However, it will have to be thawed naturally naturally. Let it stand for a couple of hours in the air. If you want it really quickly, it is allowed to lower it into the water, as in the photo.

Carcasses should definitely be cleaned. Own laziness is always to the detriment, so you do not need to comfort yourself with the illusions that it will do with the guts. Still, it is much nicer to eat smoked herring when it is previously gutted. And the tails and fins are not trimmed, so the integrity of the carcass will be preserved.

The fish has to be washed thoroughly. Water gradually brightens, and then becomes transparent.

It's time to go to the pickle. 1 kg of herring will need 1-2 tbsp. l salt. Spices are immediately poured into the bowl. Then you need to carefully roll the fish in salt and pepper mass. According to the recipe, leave the fish to salt for about 2.5-3 hours.

After the specified time, it is recommended to wash it again. This removes excess salt. While the smokehouse will be cooking, the fish can be laid out to dry.

Many offer smoked herring at home in the oven or pan. It may be possible, but much more practical to perform this procedure in a home smokehouse, which is installed in the country or in the courtyard of a country house. Folding devices are convenient to use even on picnics. A layer of wood chips is poured at the bottom of the box. In a particular case, an alder tree was used, although a mass obtained from any hardwood is suitable.

A prepared, slightly dried fish is laid out on a wire rack. Fat from herring almost does not drip when hot smoked, but it is still better to set up pallets under the wire rack or lay out a piece of foil.

It remains to close the box tightly and toss firewood from below to constantly generate smoke. Hot smoked salami lasts about 40-50 minutes. After half an hour of cooking, it is advisable to look at the color of the skin. If it has become golden, you can get a smoked delicacy.

Hot smoked herring can be eaten immediately as soon as it is removed from the grill. However, on the second day, her taste becomes even more intense, subtle. Try it, experiment! The recipe is simple, but the fun of the sea! Bon Appetit!