Homemade soft cheese

They say that if you take low-fat products for this recipe, you get a real diet cheese. Have not tried. But she did not strictly follow the recommendations. For example, if in the list of products of the original source it is stipulated that milk and kefir should be with the highest percentage of fat content, then I prefer 2.5% milk. Kefir chose fatter.

This time it seemed to me that only dill would be enough, although one could use it with parsley. When experimenting, she added not only greens to the cheese, but a variety of goodies. So, he perfectly harmonizes perfectly with sweet pepper and olives.

Thanks to caraway seeds, a very peculiar taste of spices, cheese got the specific taste that is rarely found in mass-produced cheese products.

As practice has shown, cheese making at home has proven to be a profitable business, not troublesome and interesting, not costly and fast. Add him attractiveness and such facts as:

  • I know for sure that the eggs and greens are homemade, of excellent quality. Kefir, like milk, unfortunately, was purchased in a regular store. But the finished product certainly came out without any doubtful additives;

  • the result exceeded all expectations, steeper than many store analogues. Therefore, I can not ignore such a recipe.


  • in equal proportions kefir and milk (900 ml each);

  • a bunch of dill;

  • five eggs;

  • two teaspoons of salt;

  • a teaspoon of caraway seeds.

Making homemade soft cheese

How and what to do:

I will boil milk.

Until it reaches the desired state, I wash the dill and dry it with a disposable towel, finely chopped.

Beat in kefir eggs with salt with a whisk or an ordinary fork.

I pour this mixture into boiling milk.

Constantly stirring, I keep the cheese mass over medium heat. I am waiting for the moment when it will turn from a granular liquid into a culinary miracle, that is, whey will be well separated from the cheese mass.

As soon as this happens, remove the pan from the fire, stir cumin and dill in it.

I filter out the whole mass in this way:

  • I put a colander (or sieve) covered with gauze, the ends of which should hang so that they can then be tied in a knot, I put in a convenient dish so that there is excess liquid in it;

  • I carefully gather the hot mass with a ladle and pour it gradually into this appliance;

  • if necessary, as this procedure occurs, pour the serum into a separate bowl. I use it later when it cools down, for example, for okroshka.

Tightly tying the ends of the gauze, I leave the cheese bun for several minutes alone. He is still very hot.

It will cool slightly, I will shift it and tightly wrap it in cling film. On a plate so that nothing gets wet and does not leak in the refrigerator, I will let my homemade preparation stay for at least 12 hours in the cold. After this procedure, it really turns into a soft real cheese.