How to seal a small hole in drywall

Drywall material is simply wonderful, from it you can erect walls or even them out without any extra problems. It is very simply cut and processed. But unfortunately, for all its merits, drywall does not have the proper strength. It’s so easy to damage it.

And if a hole appeared in the plasterboard wall, then it will have to be repaired. But here you have certain difficulties.

The fact is that you just can’t seal the hole and putty with putty, because the hole is through and the entire putty will simply fail inside. What to do, remove the drywall sheet? Of course not. I will show you a trick that is great for such cases.

Will need

  • Pencil and paper.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • Ice cream stick or other piece of thin wood.

  • Long nose pliers.

  • A small piece of drywall for embedment.

  • Sharp knife.

  • Sandpaper.

  • Putty.

  • A flat scraper or a piece of thick cardboard instead.

    Popsicle sticks:

    Close up a hole in a drywall wall

    If you remember, in childhood we took a five-copeck coin, covered it with a piece of paper and stroked it with a simple pencil on top, and the drawing of the coin was transferred to a piece of paper. Here we need to transfer a hole to a piece of paper.

    Put the sheet on the hole and trace the outline of the hole, translating it onto the sheet. The hole is oval. It is also necessary to break off the ice cream stick so that it is larger than the diameter of the hole, but not by much.

    Here it is, this trick. We need a stick fragment, smeared with glue, holding with pliers, put it into the hole.

    And place it in the middle like this:

    I advise you to practice. Once everything is ready, grease the edges of the shelf with hot glue and quickly place it in the hole and hold it in tension until the glue hardens.

    Next, take a piece of drywall and cut out a patch in the shape of a hole.

    Lubricate the patch with hot glue and gently glue it.

    It turns out that the ice cream stick holds this patch.

    Emery paper goes through the joints to remove all nicks and bumps.

    Well, then, I think, you know what to do: primer, putty, painting.

    A couple of additional tips:

    • Instead of hot glue, it is quite possible to use liquid nails.

    • If the knocked hole you have has sharp corners, I recommend to bring the shape of the hole, with a file, to the simpler shape of a circle, oval or square.

      In general, if everything is done correctly, there will be no trace of the hole.