Easy trick to find a place for the covers of dishes

This is the fastest and easiest way to organize your cupboard where pots and pans are stored. Typically, most housewives have a set of three pots. If you store them one by one, then it takes an incredible amount of space, and if you collect them as a matryoshka one in another, then immediately there is enough space. But here another problem arises - where to get the covers from them.

I suggest fixing the lids on the cabinet door. This is a super easy way. You will not need to drill or screw anything. Everything is done in five minutes thanks to such fasteners that you can buy at the hardware store.

Such fasteners are designed for hanging towels, but the covers will also hold perfectly.

We wonder how many covers can fit on the door. Consider indentation from the edges and shelves into which the lid may crash when closing the cabinet.

Next, mark with a simple pencil on the diameter of the lid and glue the fasteners, two pieces for one.

I had three covers on the door.

Such oud hooks are sold with an adhesive layer, it is enough to unstick the protective layer and stick the hook anywhere.

These tricks make our life easier and more convenient.