Three ideas for crafts from plastic bottle caps

The network has a large number of options for the manufacture of various crafts from plastic bottles. We suggest not using bottles, but caps from them. There are three quick and easy ways to make things out of them.

What will be needed for work

Of the tools required to have a hacksaw for metal and an electric glue gun. All other parts are from improvised materials; they do not need to be specially prepared.

Convenient organizer for storing various little things

Need bottles with caps and a piece of slats or boards. Dimensions depend on the desired number of containers for hardware.

Screw the caps on the bottles and cut them with a hacksaw along with the threads on the neck. Do the cut as carefully as possible, the direction perpendicular to the axis of the container.

Uneven cuts must be corrected with sandpaper. Lay it on a hard surface and adjust the parts.

In turn, smear the back side of the cut blanks with hot melt adhesive and install them on a wooden stand. Covers can be taken in various diameters for hardware and screwdriver tips.

Wait until the glue hardens, pour small nuts and bolts in the container, cover with lids. Now they will never be lost.

Business card holder

It requires one large and seven small caps from plastic bottles and a paper clip.

With a metal hacksaw in each lid, make 2-3 cm cuts, place them approximately in the middle of the lid height. Using the same algorithm, prepare six covers, the seventh should remain intact.

Glue the flower from the blanks. Place the whole in the center, and with slots around the perimeter in the form of petals. Slots should look outward; use an electric gun to glue.

Align the metal clip, it is advisable to use a modern polymer-coated surface protection.

Using a stud, awl, or other accessible method, make a hole in the horizontal surface of the large cover and on the side of any flower petal. Insert the wire and fasten with adhesive on the back.

The holder in the form of a flower is ready, business cards are placed in the slots.

Palette for paints

The base of the palette can be any flat surface, but we recommend using the old DVD disc - it turns out very beautifully.

Glue plastic bottle caps around the circumference of the disk; be sure to place the largest one under the water in the center. Allow the glue to cool.

Pour water into one lid, and fill the others a little with multi-colored paints. The palette is ready for use - take it and create beautiful works of art.


These are just a few of the original products. Do not be afraid to experiment on your own and offer your solutions to others.