Super-fast salted cucumbers in a jar in 15 minutes

Juicy, with a pleasant aroma cucumbers can already be served on the table 15 minutes after their manufacture. Such a spicy cucumber salad will help you diversify the everyday table, and it will not be superfluous on the banquet table. A minimum of ingredients and time to create a snack - and after 15 minutes you can take a “sample” from a new and original recipe.

For such salting, it is allowed to use fruits of any size, the main thing is to chop them with pieces of the same thickness. This will help to evenly salted every piece of cucumber.

Such super-fast cucumbers can be served mono with any side dish, chops, chickpeas, and also add them to a variety of snacks, canapes, salads, sandwiches, burgers and rolls. With their delicate, characteristic taste and pleasant aroma of herbs and garlic, they will enrich any dish.


  • - cucumbers (330 grams);

  • - salt (5 grams);

  • - dill (1/2 bunch);

  • - garlic (1-3 cloves).

    Quick recipe for salted cucumbers

    1. “Zelentsy” cleaned from sand and dust we shred with thin plates (2-3 mm). This will help us to evenly salt the whole product.

    2. Grind the prepared branches of dill with a sharp blade of a knife. To enrich the taste of the recipe, we can show creativity: replace the usual dill with basil leaves, mint and even cilantro.

    3. Shred the garlic extracted from the husk. Its rate is adjustable depending on the desired severity of the snack and personal preferences. We can also introduce chopped cayenne pepper into the workpiece.

    4. Pour salt.

    5. Carefully combine all the products so that each piece of cucumber is saturated with spices and salt.

    6. Put the finished mass in a dry container, close the lid and shake it several times. Repeat this process several times in 15 minutes. After 15-20 minutes we enjoy super-high-speed light-salted cucumbers or use them to make various dishes.