Cutting head for a screwdriver

Hello! If you have broken the cutting disc of the grinder, then do not immediately throw it away. I will show how you can make a detachable nozzle for a drill or screwdriver out of it. With the help of which you can easily cut plastic or thin metal. For example, it is necessary to cut a PVC pipe or saw off exactly a bolt. In general, the thing is necessary and quickly useful in the household.

Making a cutting nozzle from a disk

We remove the wreckage of the disk from the grinder, after first removing the plug of the power tool from the outlet.

Then, you need to find a small circle as a template. I will break the ring from the disk. Also for these purposes, you can use the clamping ring of the grinder.

We apply it to the whole part of the broken-off disk and circle it with a marker.

Using ordinary scissors from the wreckage, we cut a circle along the contour of the ring.

You can also cut with scissors for metal. A bsk tsisk for metal, it is not so thick and can be cut very well by hand.

As a result, you should get a small circle.

As a drill we will use a regular nail. We chop off the hat with pliers.

We insert into the drill and clamp in the cartridge.

We drill a hole exactly in the center of the workpiece.

In the end, this is what happened.

We take a long screw along the diameter of the hole. We put on the washer, put on the disks, another washer and clamp it all with a nut.

The useful cutting nozzle is ready.

Use it in conjunction with a screwdriver or drill. Sawing fine.

If you cut plastic, then the nozzle will not know the demolition, but with a metal the life is short, due to the low speed of these tools.

With such a thing, you can cut off the PCB board, for radio amateurs the very thing.

In general, do not throw out the disintegrated discs of the grinder and reuse them! Good luck to all!