Bouquet for men "Beer happiness"

Instead of primitive roses and carnations, it is recommended that all men make a bouquet of sausages, cheeses, beer and vegetables as a gift. He will amaze the imagination. This will be of the delicacies costs about $ 20 in cost, if you choose really high-quality components. All ingredients can be bought in one supermarket, wrapping paper is worth asking at the flower shop.


To create an edible bouquet we need:

  • - sausage "Salami" or "Moscow" (a small "stick");

  • - hunting sausages;

  • - small uncooked sausages;

  • - red and green chili peppers;

  • - cherry tomatoes;

  • - cheeses in triangles;

  • - sausage in the original coating (in this case, in white)

  • - packaged cheese in mugs;

  • - wrapping paper with print;

  • - lemon;

  • - bamboo skewers (packaging;

  • - adhesive tape;

  • - baguette;

  • - double-sided tape (you can without it);

  • - jute or similar rope;

  • - a bottle of quality beer;

  • - wipes are non-woven.

How to make a bouquet for a man

A man’s bouquet of sausages and beer is made in this way:

  1. Cut the sausage sticks into 3-4 parts. A slice is best done oblique.

  2. Cut the lemon in half.

  3. We prepare sausages, vegetables and sausages, cut the baguette.

  4. Wrap the bottle with a napkin.

  5. On this tightly wound napkin in a circle with tape, fasten the skewers.

  6. You can insert these skewers from the bottle into a piece of baguette, leaving it in the package so that they fix the bottle well. This piece of baguette will be a handle in the future.

  7. We string sausages and sausages on skewers.

  8. Gently pierce the tomatoes.

  9. Stringing chili peppers. One can be pierced across, put the rest on the skewer along.

  10. We wrap the bottle with another napkin so as to hide the skewers.

  11. We begin to collect the bouquet, attaching the skewers with adhesive tape to a napkin.

  12. From above, we close the entire construction of the skewers with another napkin. Gently fasten the ends of the napkin with tape.

  13. Wrap the bouquet in paper. From below we make a pen from the same paper, wrapping the baguette well. We tie the paper with a rope so that it does not untie.

  14. Our men's bouquet should be kept in the refrigerator. DIY handmade gift bouquet is ready!