How to instantly clean a soldering iron tip

After I learned this method, an incredibly quick cleaning of the soldering iron tip from soot, the question immediately appeared in my head: “What, could it be so?”. Prior to this, like most radio amateurs, I took sandpaper and manually cleaned the soot from the sting. The whole process took about 15 minutes and took a lot of effort, not counting the cleaning of black soot after such cleaning.

Now everything has changed thanks to a little trick, which I’ll tell you about now.

Will need

The whole secret is to use ammonia powder. It is sold in radio markets or specialty stores.

It may have individual packaging:

Or it can be sold by weight in bulk:

In any case, it costs all a penny, especially considering the fact how much time and effort it saves.

We clear a soldering iron tip from a deposit

So, pour the ammonia powder into a more convenient and heat-resistant dish.

Next, turn on the soldering iron and heat it to the usual soldering temperature. Note that the sting has a thick layer of soot on its surface.

Now we dip the heated sting into the ammonia powder.

It is advisable to do this process in a well-ventilated area.

Hold for a few seconds and take out. A little powder will remain on the sting, which will begin to evaporate with the release of thick white smoke. And after that you will see a brilliant copper sting.

Now we remove all residues with a rag or a special sponge.

And tin the tip with solder.

Yes, everything is so simple and fast! I am sure that you will definitely take this method of stripping yourself into service.

This method will be especially useful to those who very often solder.

Personally, I was very surprised at the speed and simplicity of this process and regretted a bit that I did not know this before. Good luck to everyone, friends!