Garlic and pepper lard, a simple recipe

Salted lard is a respected product among many peoples of the world. Especially love him in Europe. Although there sometimes fat with layers of meat is called the beautiful word bacon, it still remains pork fat. They also love lard in Italy, it was the ancient Roman soldiers who salted lard in large marble bathtubs and took it on long trips. Well, delicious Ukrainian fat is known far beyond the borders of this country.

Fans of salted lard can cook it deliciously according to the simple recipe below. It is important to choose a good piece of fresh bacon on the skin with a thickness of at least 4-5 cm. The skin should be smooth, without stubble residue and well away from the bacon. If with a little effort it is impossible to separate the skin, then it is better to refuse to buy such fat, in finished form it will be harsh.


In order to salt pork lard with pepper and garlic you need:

  • pork fat on the skin 2 kg;

  • coarse salts 150 - 200 g;

  • pepper, ground 5-6 g or to taste;

  • garlic;

  • bay leaf.

    Salting of lard with garlic and pepper

    1. If the lard does not have strong impurities, it is not necessary to wash it, it is enough to clean the contaminated places with a knife.

    2. Through the entire thickness of the piece to make cuts almost to the skin.

    3. Abundantly rub lard on all sides with coarse salt. Do not forget to add it to the incisions.

    Important! It is impossible to use fine salt with dry salted pork lard.

    4. Add garlic, bay leaf and pepper. The amount of garlic is determined according to individual taste. Usually 1/2 to 1 head of garlic is enough for this amount of fat. Pepper also to taste, and bay leaves enough 3-4 pieces.

    5. After that, wrap the fat in parchment and send it to the refrigerator for 6-7 days.

    6. After this time, lard is ready to eat.

    Delicious sandwiches are made from pork fat with garlic and pepper, it can be served with hot boiled potatoes or put on the table as a cold snack with strong alcohol.