How to smoothly bend a profile pipe without a pipe bender and heating

Profile pipes, not inferior in strength to round ones, have a number of significant advantages when creating metal structures and erecting power frames for a variety of products or buildings.

However, the smooth bending of such a rolled product without special expensive equipment or heating presents a certain difficulty and can lead to rupture of the metal or loss of shape. But all the problems will disappear if you know one way that does not require high qualifications, a lot of time and money.

Will need

In order to demonstrate how to do this, we will prepare a segment of a profile square pipe. We will have to use the following tools and accessories:

  • construction tape measure;

  • a metal square;

  • welding equipment;

  • magnetic square for welding;

  • grinder;

  • a pair of used cutting discs.

The process of smooth bending of the profile pipe

There are various ways to smoothly bend profile pipes, ours is one of the simplest and therefore affordable. We mark the place of bending on the workpiece and draw a transverse line.

To the point of its intersection with the face of the product, we apply an old detachable disk, in which the diameter would coincide with the line of conjunction of the two sides of the pipe, and its upper point would lie on the opposite side of the product.

With another used disc, we draw an arc on the metal.

From the conjugation points of the arc with the lines of the corners of the profile pipe, we draw transverse lines on adjacent sides. We connect the points of their intersection with the faces, using the same disk, with a segment of a circular arc on the opposite side.

From the transverse line closest to the bent end of the pipe, having retreated some distance, we draw another parallel to the first. Next, we continue it vertically on two adjacent sides of the workpiece.

The metal between the marked vertical cross-section and contoured by circular arcs, with the exception of the longest side, is carefully cut with a grinder and carefully removed.

Having cleaned the places of cut, we bend the short end of the pipe, while the side of the profile pipe remaining after metal removal bends around the two transverse sides outlined in an arc, forming a smooth bend from the outside, and a right angle from the inside.

Using a magnetic square, we weld all the lines of the joint, firmly and reliably fixing the resulting smooth bend.

The last operation is the cleaning of the seams with the help of a grinder.