Broken Pliers

Surely in your garage, if you are looking solidly, you can find broken pliers that should be thrown away a long time ago. This master class is just that you don’t need to do this, but you need to turn an unnecessary little thing into a very useful tool, which with 100% probability will be useful to even a locksmith, at least a carpenter, at least an auto mechanic.

I will show how to make excellent nippers out of rusted and broken pliers. With the help of which it will be possible to easily bite through metal and not only, but more on that below.

Making pliers from old and broken pliers

Cut off the sponges, as they are no longer needed. Mark the cut line with a marker.

We grind the lips with a grinder. We cut as smoothly as possible. It's okay if there are gross irregularities.

Change the disc on the grinder and remove the roughness by grinding.

Next, change the disk to polishing and polish the entire surface of the tool to a shine, while removing all rust.

The result was a brilliant blank for future nippers.

On the pliers, there were already pliers on the sides, but as you can see, they all became worthless.

We update the grooves with the cutting disc of the grinder. In this case, it is necessary to initially combine both grooves of both sides, spreading the handle of the tool to the sides.

Now the nippers are functional and have become larger than they were originally. Therefore, it is now possible to snack on metal rods of a larger diameter.

We could stop here, but let's add some functionality.

Note the holes in a straight line perpendicular to the grooves of the nippers. Mark the points with a marker.

Spreading the handle of the pliers, we will drill two holes in both halves.

We will cut the hole on top with a grinder, but we will not be on the bottom.

Now we have a more interesting and functional tool.

Handles can be made by wearing rubber tubes, but I didn’t have one on hand, so I took a gun with hot glue and doused the handles on the outside.

It looks a little uneven.

Trial of the Nippers

Nippers are checked on a steel wire. We are trying to have a bite.

Everything is fine - have a bite be healthy!

And here is the trick where you can use such a tool. They are very good at holding nails when driving, and even better than with ordinary pliers. And I'm not exaggerating a single gram.

And if necessary, these nails can be easily eaten.

These incredibly useful nippers can be easily made out of nobody’s needless thing, which most people would have just thrown into the trash.

But in general, such nippers can be made not only from pliers, but also from other broken tools.

Please note that there is a lot of work with the grinder, and it is an incredibly dangerous tool, which you need to work with extreme caution. Keep this in mind and do not rush. Do not try to neglect safety requirements - it is fraught!